Seminar Prayer Preparation


PRAYER is the Foundation and the Roof to all our Ministries!

This how-to-manual is provided by the Northern New England Conference Prayer Ministries

It is absolutely impossible to overstate the importance of prayer - earnest, fervent, sustained, continual prayer - to the success of this ministry. Please I implore you, as you prepare for these meetings, make this your top priority! Following are some suggestions, not all of which will be applied in all cases, but prayerfully take what you can use and ask The Holy Spirit to lead you into a deep Prayer Experience as the “Body of Christ”. We will be praying for your success!

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Prayer for the Latter Rain of the Spirit

I have found that even though most Christians believe prayer is important, many do not understand why prayer is really necessary.  Many question: If God is sovereign and able to carry out His will, why do we need to pray for Him to do what He already wants and plans to do anyway?  Some reason that prayer is primarily for our benefit, but God is still going to do what He wants whether we pray or not.  The idea is popular that it is a “privilege” to pray, but not really a necessity for God to carry out His will on earth.  The truth of the matter is, it is necessary for God’s children to pray.  Why else would Jesus tell us to pray that God’s will be “done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).  If believers do not pray, God’s desires will not be carried out in this earth.  In this article we will see why this is true.

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