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Spirit Baptism and The Latter Rain

Spirit Baptism and The Latter Rain
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The latter rain of the Spirit has been long prayed for and earnestly desired by Christians for centuries. This book presents what the latter rain is, why it has not been poured out in fullness, and the spiritual condition necessary for God's people to r
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On the Day of Pentecost the early rain baptism of the Holy Spirit became available for every Christian. From that day onward every believer in Jesus could be filled with the Holy Spirit. God also foretold of a second great outpouring of the Holy Spirit called the latter rain. This latter rain would be poured out on Christians just prior to the second coming of Jesus and is necessary for God’s work to come to a glorious climax.

For centuries Christians have prayed for the latter rain of the Spirit. Ellen White counseled Adventists in her day to pray for this end-time Spirit outpouring. Other leaders over the decades since Ellen White’s death in 1915 have also called for prayer for the latter rain. In the January 4, 1990, Adventist Review, Neal C Wilson, former General Conference President, wrote: “It is time for God's people to press together and earnestly seek the power of God's Spirit in the latter rain. It is this experience that will bring about the long-looked-for revival of apostolic, primitive godliness Ellen White wrote about.” Today, the General Conference administration is once again calling for prayer for the latter rain of the Spirit. Adventists around the world are praying every day for this last great outpouring of the Spirit and revival to take place in the church.

Now it is almost 100 years since the death of Ellen White and these many sincere prayers have not yet been answered. An important question on most all Christian’s minds is; “Why has the latter rain not been poured out?” The world is certainly in a state of sin that cries out for a Spirit anointed message from God. The church is daily praying for it. Why no response from God? This book answers the question of why the latter rain has not been poured out on God’s people. If you want to be ready to receive the latter rain of the Spirit it is essential you understand the experience in Christ necessary to benefit from this great final outpouring of God’s Spirit.